Our lives are changing in ways we don’t expect. Everything we have done in the past 150 years is being questioned. Nobody knows what our future holds.

We are a team of visionaries, sharing a unique view of the world. In our eyes investing in expensive infrastructure everywhere is not a sustainable solution. Infrastructure is something from the past.

Since we are just guests on planet Earth, we see a need for portable, modular and flexible solutions. That is the reason why we founded EVoltify.

EVoltify makes our life more sustainable and convenient. We aim to set a new standard by helping people to cope with new mobility developments.

What we believe


To replace fixed infrastructure by portable, flexible and smart solutions.


EVoltify delivers energy and plays a disruptive role in the transition to sustainable mobility and smart grids.

Our motto

The energy you need.

Who we are

Antonio Fajardo

Chemical Engineer & EMBA
CEO & co-founder

Next-stage organizations leader. My approach towards engineering and organizations is simplistic and cost effective.

Worked for the top 3 chemical companies (BASF, Dow Chemical and SABIC), developing a deep expertise in the scale-up of industrial processes.

Excellent multicultural and people skills.

Riko Kruit

CCO & co-founder

New mobility enthusiast with a focus on sustainability and business development.

Strong believer in MaaS-ecosystem. An extensive experience in the automotive industry including start-up companies: Carver, Wattcar and Free2Move.

Strong interpersonal skills and networking skills. Former athlete (World champion)

Starting soon in The Netherlands.