Charging as a Service

EVoltify is born out of the desire of making EV charging convenient and easy for you. Stop searching and waiting to charge your EV.

The charging station is on your phone now.

Open our App, indicate the time and destination of your next trip and we will make sure that your EV is ready.

Wherever your are, whenever you need it.

  • Save time

  • Save money

  • Maximize efficiency


For a clean and
sustainable EVolution

The transition towards a cleaner mobility is already happening. This will change the way we generate, consume, store and share energy. Digitalization, decentralization and the global drive for increased sustainability are key in this process.

EVoltify defines a new ecosystem that helps to integrate renewables efficiently, optimize energy supply and demand by using flexible and portable systems.

The main challenge in the transition to sustainable mobility is to make it work with 100% Green Energy. Renewables are available at a different moment than when they are needed.

Our solution stores clean energy and delivers it at the most convenient moment for our customers

Evoltify offers a hybrid solution which integrates in smart grids. Our portable charger can work independently or connected to smart grids giving stability to the energy infrastructure.

EV charging technology is developing very fast. Current charging solutions may become obsolete in a couple of years.

Our solution is flexible, modular and adaptable to new charging technologies.

From efficiency point of view it is better to bring the charging station to the car
– Parking Manager Efteling

Our Partners

Starting soon in The Netherlands.